Ph.D. / 2018
Sangwoong Baek

Sangwoong Baek

  • Current Affiliations
    Samsung Display
2012~present : Doctor's Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, SNU , Nano Micro Systems Lab

2008~2012 : Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, SNU
Related Researches
Related Publications
  1. Sangwoong Baek, Eunyong Jeon, Kyoung Sub Park, Kyung-Hwan Yeo and Junghoon Lee , "Monitoring of Water Transportation in Plant Stem With Microneedle Sap Flow Sensor ", Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, , , April 2018
  2. Biswajit Saha1, Sangwoong Baek, Junghoon Lee, "Highly Sensitive Bendable and Foldable Paper Sensors Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide", ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 9 5, 4658, February 2017