Research professor / 2018
Biswajit Saha

Biswajit Saha

  • Current Affiliations
    Rourkela Institute of Tehcnology
2018~present : Rourkela Assistant Professor

2014~2018 : Bk21Plus Contract Assistant Professor; Nano Micro Systems Lab

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Seoul National University - S. Korea

2011~2013 : Scientist; Procter & Gamble - Japan

2007~2011 : PhD; Singapore MIT Alliance (SMA); Nanyang Technological University

- Singapore, & Massachusetts Institute of technology - US

2005~2007 : MTech; Chemical Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - India

2001~2005 : BTech; Chemical Engineering; National Institute of Technology, Durgapur - India
Related Researches
Related Publications
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